“I would highly recommend All Pets for anyone looking to get away and leave their pet with someone else. They love animals and have took care of our Dog Tripp many times. Every time he comes home he is healthy and happy!! They don’t take an over load of pets. They gave individual care of our Dog and that is so important. It’s very clean and they take precautions. Every pet has to had their shots!! Thank you All Pets! Tripp loves spending time with you! Home away from home!” -Mandy S., Google

“Wow, this place has gone far and beyond for me and my honey! The people there make you feel at home and truly care for your animals! 😍🐶❤”
-Jessica L., Google

“I can’t say enough about Dr. Dave and his staff. We have a 15 1/2-year-old dog that was hurting very badly and I thought the time had come to make the horrible decision that no pet owner wants to make. Yesterday, we called our regular vet, and even with this being an urgent situation, they couldn’t get us in for two weeks. My husband called All Pets and explained the situation and they were so kind and empathetic and squeezed us in so we could have Jossie evaluated. Dr Dave was so fantastic. After he evaluated her, he thought that an anti-inflammatory arthritis medication would help her and give us more time with our beloved dog. She’s feeling so much better today and is back to her old self. I don’t think many other vets would have put so much thought into a dog as old as Jossie, they would have just put her down. Words can’t express how thankful we are to have more time with Jossie”
-Christy B., Facebook

“Dr. Burmeister and his staff has been our vet for over 40 yrs. We would have no other to deal with our furry family members. Even when I went away for 14 yrs and came back to have a new dog, Dr. Burmeister still remembered me as if I never left. Now that’s more than just “a service provider” in my book, that’s family!!”
-Lee K., Facebook

“It was perfect!! Thank you very much. You guys are the best!”
-Sandy R., Google

“I am always pleased and feel I get the best possible care for my dear pet.”
-Lisa P., Facebook

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“Today was our very first visit with our 9-month-old puppy Remi 🐶 We learned he has pancreatitis…thank you Dr. Lewis and to the staff who took time to help our Remi and show compassion, concern, kindness.”
-Maria W., Facebook

“I 100% recommend this place. I took my Guinea pig there in the past and did again today. I feel completely awful because I didn’t notice everything that was going on with him as soon as I probably should have! No matter how small the animal is.. so much can go wrong! Now I know I need to fully inspect when it comes to every little thing! He also recommend what veggies are the absolute best and a great bedding that would be better for me to switch too. This was a big learning experience and wake up call and I’m glad everything is being taken care of now! The vet took his time, was so kind, and hooked me up! Taking my other guinea pig tomorrow to be cared for as well. I also have cats and if anything arises then I will be visiting here for them as well. Do not pass this place up!”
-Brooke M., Facebook

“Great service and fast! With the COVID stuff, they take care of you in the room. No need to go to the front desk after your visit.”
-Taryn G., Google

“I love all the Drs. and Staff at All Pet’s. We have been taking our dogs there for over 2 decades.”
-Holly S., Google

“Love Doctor Dave and all of the staff at All Pets! They are always friendly, helpful, and accommodating to the needs of both myself and my dog!!”
-Stephanie R., Google

“Mako absolutely LOVES going to the vets! The people, the smells, the TREATS! SO much fun! We drive almost an hour to get to THIS vet because they are worth it to us! Only the very best for our favorite pup!”
-Jolee H., Facebook